Infused with elegance and romance.

Instinct is enough, in art as in love

I am a professional photographer who owns a studio in Saint-Georges de Beauce and is available for outdoor lifestyle photo sessions. Professional photographer with over 25 years of experience, and graduated with a DEC in Arts and Letters, a DEP in Photography, a DEC in Administrative Techniques (specialization in finance), and a bachelor’s degree in Administration.

Art has always been a part of my soul. My mind overflows with project ideas. I enjoy human contact and I love creating memories even more. My goal as a photographer is to foreground the beauty of one’s soul and highlight their external beauty. I aspire to make your photoshoot day an experience of wellness. Perfectionist, passionate, authentic, humane, approachable, welcoming. I like to make a difference. Photography is all about sensitivity. My sensitivity allows me to translate my passion into speaking images. It allows me to infuse my photographs with people’s emotions and render the final result interesting, bright, and colorful.




“Stephanie is a passionate photographer in whom you can unhesitatingly place your trust for your big day. Through her simplicity, she knew exactly how to make us feel comfortable. Stephanie truly listens to your requests so that everything is perfect! Her keen eye for detail makes all the difference! She creates magic with lighting; whenever I look at my wedding photos, I relive the emotions of that day. Many thanks xxx"



Moulin La Lorraine, Lac-Etchemin

August 15, 2015